1500mg CBD Re-Leaf Stick
1500mg CBD Re-Leaf Stick
1500mg CBD Re-Leaf Stick

1500mg CBD Re-Leaf Stick

Home Grown Releaf
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Topical 2.2oz 1500mg CBD Crystalline

Re-leaf Stick

Upon application, you will feel a cool, soothing re-leaf. The cannabanoids along with our specially formulated blend of natural and organic ingredients, absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream, to provide re-leaf for sore muscles and joints as well as a wide array of skin conditions.


99.9% CBD Crystalline, Shea butter,Cocoa butter, Grape seed oil, Beeswax, Arrow-starch, Menthol crystals &Camphor oil.

Menthol crystals

  • Organic compound extracted from natural mint
  • Provides a cooling sensation when applied to the skin
  • Used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain

Camphor oil

  • Readily absorbed through the skin and produces a sensation of heat
  • Causes a numbing effect when used topically to relieve pain
  • Also used topically to reduce itching, treat minor burns and care for fungal infections